MANYFIELD took place for the first time at Feel Festival 2016. In the form of a stage we blended architecture and program into each other at MANYFIELD, creating a room for perception in which we intentionally slipped on meanings and made a joyful loss in connotation possible. Taking current social events, as well as global conditions into account, the production of spaces for diversity and linkage is especially crucial to us. We utilized the hedonist festival context to ask ourselves in another way: What is perceived as different or foreign and how strongly is perspective factored in? By putting to use a tropical visual theme – along with its immanent eurocentrism and persisting relevance with regard to geopolitical matters as well as migration – MANYFIELD was an invitation to explore how discursive cultural space can be on a recreational festival. “Dancefloor as a place to evolve.” We invited our guests to discover the unknown and make new experiences. Together and as fragments, we changed receptions and made points of view become liquefied. With a wide spectrum of formats and topics, MANYFIELD brought forth a diversified program, following a common thread and connecting it into wild nets. MANYFIELD was a concept stage amongst 15 stages in total at Feel Festival.
We are very happy to have hosted so many inspiring artists, such as Anklepants, DJ Marcelle, Stas, Signe Pierce, Ashraf Sharif Khan & Victor Marek, Pigmalião and many more whose work is centered around bending perspectives and views on foreignness. Whilst music was our main expression, we also hosted talks, workshops and performances. Music & Performance: DJ_MARCELLE | ANKLEPANTS | SIGNE_PIERCE | SPATZ_HABIBI | PIGMALIAO DER_TÄUBLING | DER_WARST | 1115 | ASHRAF_SHARIF_KAHN_&_VICTOR_MAREK DIE_AUSERVOLKTE | CHOMOLUNGMAS_KLEID | M.RUX | STAS | JAZAR_CREW | WARTHE 11 Talk & Discourse: How to mask an identity (talk with SIGNE_PIERCE, DE R_TÄUBLING & ANKLEPANTS) Mother in the Fridge (Radio Play by FELIX KUBIN) Breaking Boundaries auf Plattdeutsch (Workshop with LENA INGWERSEN) Digital Yoga
The architecture aimed at looking very ephemeral and took on different international references to form a spatial situation that could be read in a lot of different ways. Between the four metal power poles available on site, the stage was marked by a wall of plastic foil two meters high, hung up one meter above the ground. What it claimed, was that, even though sometimes invisible, there always is an outside and an inside. Our outside was wild nature, whereas the inside was filled with displaced sand that formed hills and valleys, culminating in a dune that was interrupted by the actual stage. Because it was protruding into the audience, one was not only able to look from the front, but also take a point of view from the sides, enabling a multi-perspective experience of artistic expressions on stage. This game was also played by placing two big showcases in the auditorium, whose content was viewable from all sides but at a height that one had to bend down in order to discover it. During the night, the audience was irradiated by a multi-colored LED ceiling sprawling amongst the whole space. On the ground, tilted mirror walls connected a vertical with a horizontal view, forming a landscape in which one could immerse in the night out with the lightened display cases that contained physical ideas of foreignness.
There is no way of getting it all
Sich plOEtzlich drauf einlassen. Sich ploetzlich sagen: Ich mache mit. Ich kann es zwar nicht. Ich bin ein Tourist. Aber ich mache mit. Lost in Connotation Wir sehen mit den Beinen
My Right is your Right
Event though it’s invisible, it’s there