We live in placeless synchronicity. Information and ideas spread at exponential speed all around the world. An increase in individualization is juxtaposed to the formation of increasingly more and faster developing temporary communities. Within MANYIELD`s second edition the question was raised on how this connection does become manifest in spatial terms? Does MANYFIELD also solitarily exist as an idea and a piece of information, and can’t it be accessed anywhere anytime? In 2017, MANYFIELD left its materiality behind and turned into a movement. It headed towards the outside and left the comfort zone of having a home. Thus, the concept stage at the Feel Festival took a rather unconventional shape and form by temporarily molding the other existing stages and floors. A fragmented pop-up entity. The actual stage always appeared for the duration of one act on either one of Feel Festival’s 15 stages or at various off-spots – during its progressive continuous night line-up MANYFIELD switched between stages for each act. Temporary branding on the occupied stages and a base camp connected the concept and represent its spatial form. These surprises lead to the substance of the sole existence. The urgent questioning of one’s own viewpoint becomes inevitable. Through this programmatic and communicative we aimed for a interruption and irritation of the usual flow of the festival. MANYFIELD always moved on the edge of being rejected -- in front or behind the stage – but was also able to create a new space of opportunity for experience and reflection. Branding was consequently used as an essential artistic method to spread the philosophy of MANYFIELD all over the festival and to inform about and raise attention for its activities and interventions. At all highly frequented walking routes and spots of the festival we displayed posters with relevant messages and a MANYFIELD logo. The festival visitor could get usual merchandise such as stickers, lighters and MANYFIELD program flyers. Furthermore, our Team was branded by wearing certain safety vests while doing promotion as well as doing every single MANYFIELD pop-up moment on any stage at the festival. Finally, MANYFIELD was visible all over the place and gathered more and more followers but always keeping a last glimpse of uncertainty and mystery, so the festival visitor would have to make a move to find out what it really is about – asking at the base camp, talk to a promoter or occasionally run into MANYFIELD performance/ intervention. Whilst one could get information at the basecamp one would have to wander from one stage to another to experience the full program of MANYFIELD. When it appeared or popped-up on a stage the original outlook was transformed by two skydancers, a mini billboard and two mirrors. With a diligent promotion crew and equipped with trolleys to carry the stuff, we migrated throughout the festival site. We handed out flyers and branded lighters and set up MANYFIELD multiple times at foreign places. The basecamp was designed as a reminiscence of last year’s stage – keeping the mirrors and LED text boards and adding new visions as actors on the still existing field. We aimed for a rather silent desert that hosts the objects as actors that emerge as intersections of the past and present body of MANYFIELD. New geographies, new media and a scattered body. We curated the program to form as many irritations and gems as possible and with a sense for progressive and experimental positions. The selection ranged from music to performance to installations. MANYFIELD was beautifully worked by the following artists: Music: Battle Ax, Jacques, Dinamarca, Le magnetophone ne marche pasmobilegirl, HVAD, Abigail, DJ Marcelle Performance & Installation: FeelGoodINC by Warthe 11 (immersive audio-walk) Pterodactyl Posse Pleoavcee Party Political by Thomas Lee Chapman (dance performance with sound and poetry) Solid State by Alexander Schubert (audio-visual installation, cognitive experiment)
Feel Festival
Bergheider See Brandenburg, Germany